Our Staff

Haley Barbieri
Haley BarbieriProgram Director
My name is Haley Barbieri, and I am a woman in long term recovery. I started my journey at 25 when the pain became unbearable for me, and I was left at a cross-road in my life.

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When I first started my journey to recovery, I was skeptical and not sure where to turn. I focused on finding those already in recovery, listening to their guidance, all while participating in my own journey. Today, as the program director of MA Young People in Recovery (MyPiR), I understand the challenges in taking the first step towards recovery and helping other young people in the same situation I was in a few years ago. I am passionate about what I do and know there is a better life. The sky is the limit. “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis
Paul Smith
Paul SmithAssistant Program Director Cape & The Islands
I’m Paul Smith and am in recovery. After entering recovery, I was faced with a scary question. “What do I do now?” I felt like all my bridges had been burned and all my opportunities had been squandered.

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I remember being so overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. I did not know anyone who did not drink or get high. What would I do in my free time? On weekends? I heard about a group from a friend and decided to check it out. I started participating in this program as a peer. I attended planning meetings, workshops, and events. I made friends who had been through the same trials and tribulations as me. It helped me to build a network and move forward in this journey with confidence. It is my hope that I can bring my experience and give back to our community. I learned that, while I was lonely, I did not have to be alone. I’m honored to join this team and to help young people to build a life that they can be proud of.
Annie Shute
Annie ShuteYoung Adult Regional Peer Recovery Specialist Central & MetroWest, MA
I’m Annie Shute, and I am in recovery. I started my journey at age 25 when drugs became more important to me than my family. It pushed me away from my mother, stepchildren, and significant other.

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I became obsessed with the thought of drugs and it being the only thing I needed. This is when I truly realized things needed to change. Being a young adult new to the world of recovery was overwhelming. It made me feel extremely lost and alone. I felt that every second I needed to occupy myself with a safe activity. I was then introduced to MyPiR. My time with this program has brought me life changing connections and amazing experiences. I have taken all my struggles and pain and turned it into the life I wanted. MyPiR has yet again given me another life changing and amazing experience, by giving me the opportunity to help others, the way they helped me.
Mallika Iyer
Mallika IyerYoung Adult Regional Peer Recovery Specialist
My name is Mallika and I am a Young Adult Regional Peer Recovery Specialist at MyPiR. Supporting young people to live a healthy and happy life is a cause that I care deeply about. At MyPiR, I am proud to be part of a welcoming and compassionate team that encourages everyone to succeed in their recovery.

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Through our monthly social outings, nightly support groups, and training events, we cultivate an atmosphere where all young people can form connections and build a bright future. I truly believe that with the right supports for recovery, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Most of all, we direct the course of our recovery and conquer the beast of addiction! MyPiR has made it clear that it is possible to not only live a fun, satisfying life as a young person in recovery, but also to offer camaraderie and illuminate the way for others. We truly embody the fact that the opposite of addiction is connection.

Grace Sullivan
Grace SullivanYoung Adult Regional Peer Recovery Specialist Southeast and Boston, MA
My name is Grace Sullivan, and I am in recovery. My journey began when I was 19 years old, in a very dark place due to my abuse of drugs and alcohol. I struggled to get clean in the beginning, feeling “different” from everyone I met in various fellowship groups that I began to attend, due to my age and other aspects of my life.

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I soon found that I wasn’t so different after all, and that I could relate in some aspect to everyone in the recovery space. I also began to meet some people closer to my age and began to thrive in the fellowship I found with them. I am proud to be a part of MyPiR and to be able to encourage other young people in their recovery.
Joely Feder
Joely FederYoung Adult Regional Peer Recovery Specialist Region Western MA

My name is Joely, and I am in recovery. When I entered recovery, I had no idea what to expect. What would change? The answer, as I soon learned, is that a lot would change. The more time I spent in recovery, the more I began learning and growing again. My life was no longer stagnant.

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I was able to actively work on the things that bothered me, deal with my past, and sit with uncomfortable emotions. This peace of mind is priceless. The connection to others that supportive programming like MyPiR cultivates is largely responsible for this.